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(This article was written by Roger Friedman, MJ's worst criticizer at Foxnews - came out today!)

Mottola Steps Up Spin War on Jacko, Implicates Producer

Michael Jackson
Saturday, July 13, 2002
By Roger Friedman

Tommy Mottola and Michael Jackson | Robin Williams and Martha Stewart

Mottola Steps Up Spin War on Jacko, Implicates Producer

Don't believe the stories you're hearing this weekend about why Michael Jackson's charity single isn't coming out. Sony Music's new excuse is that the single was shelved because it was suddenly discovered that the executive director of the project had a porno past.

But record and video producer Mark Schaffel whom this column has interviewed off and on since last October (see Fox 411 archives) tells me that his ties to adult videos were severed prior to working on this project. In any case, porno video directors often work with pop stars. Case in point: I can tell you that squeaky clean teen idol and heartthrob Britney Spears has often worked with infamous porno director Gregory Dark. So have Mandy Moore and other teen pop stars.

Most importantly, Sony's Tommy Mottola has stepped up the spin war with Jackson in the last 24 hours, emphasizing the latter's so-called sexual weirdness and the racism issue. But what's really going on here is a wholesale attack on Jackson to destroy him once and for all. It's a scorch-the-earth scenario in which the victim and all his associates are ruined.

For example: Schaffel, sources say, was told last fall that Mottola and Jackson's manager Trudy Green hired a private eye to dig up dirt on him when they were afraid that Jackson was listening to Schaffel's advice about his career. Jackson has all but dismissed Green and HK Management as his official managers. "He didn't think they were doing enough to push the new album, Invincible," Schaffel says. "And they were mad at me."

According to sources, Schaffel's friends were contacted by the private eye: "The only thing they were able to dig up was the porno stuff and now they're using it."

Mottola is not averse to using private detectives. As I reported in 1998, Mottola's former business partner Randy Hoffman once went surreptitiously "wired" to a meeting with a potential witness in a plagiarism case involving Mariah Carey. The detective sat outside in a car listening while Hoffman tried to lead the witness into recanting a story that would embarrass Mottola and cost Sony millions. Luckily the witness kept to his story.

Forget about porno or any other spin coming out of Sony this weekend. What's clear now is that Sony never wanted "What More Can I Give" to be released. The corporation didn't care about the money it might raise for the Sept. 11 victims. (Instead they released "The Concert for New York" and an album of standards by all their artists except Jackson.)

Schaffel, in an interview with this columnist, says that last fall when "What More Can I Give" was being planned, Sony execs Michelle Anthony and Polly Anthony (no relation to each other) called him and in a heated conversation accused him of advising Jackson in tactics to push the single.

 "They didn't want 'What More Can I Give' competing with Invincible. They didn't want them to buy the charity single and then find it wasn't on Invincible."

The cancelling of "What More Can I Give" had nothing to do with MacDonald's disapproving of Jackson, Schaffel says. "They didn't consider it a Michael Jackson record," he says. "They thought of it as an all-star tribute." Ultimately MacDonald's had to back out, he says, because Jackson missed the delivery date and the fast food company was preparing for its holiday promotions.

This column also reported several months ago that Jackson, in borrowing of millions of dollars, had taken a $2 million loan from something called Royalty Advance Funding in Beverly Hills. According to sources, we now know that the loan was for the making of "What More Can I Give." Jackson was forced to borrow the money when Sony refused to pay for the recording and Jackson had already committed to the project.

Ultimately other Sony artists such as Celine Dion, Ricky Martin, Gloria Estefan, and Destiny's Child, all of whom sang on "What More Can I Give?" are now being penalized by Mottola's failure to cooperate with Jackson's charity project.

Yesterday I reported that Jackson may soon reveal e-mails from Mottola in which the head of Sony Music threatens his livelihood and career unless Jackson does what he's told. I suppose the question now is why Sony Music and Sir Howard Stringer, the venerable head of Sony Entertainment USA isn't more interested in why two superstars Mariah Carey and Michael Jackson have been forced out of the Sony Music Group. It seems particularly strange since album sales are in decline and there are fewer stars than ever to go around.

According to a source, only Stringer would be able to make an investigation stick. "The people in Japan who own Sony are old and they're isolated. They don't follow American newspapers or gossip columns. If they want to know what's going on, they ask Tommy. If something goes wrong, Tommy goes over there and explains it to them. The Japanese are clueless."

This is from www.mjimm.com . Thought I'd post it here! This MJ Fan knows someone in Sony and this is the transcript of the taped conversation:

Following is a taped conversation between somebody who is a fan of Michael, and somebody on the inside at Sony Headquarters, and it is extremely revealing.

Disclaimer : Mjimm.com has not independently verified the article and does not take any responsibility or warranty of it's Authentication or Reliability.

me: hey how is the evil empire doing after July 6th?

person: you guys are something else... you and Mj are the talk of the building

me: do you think it was worth it?

person: oh yeah people at sony not only think Mottola is a racist..but an @#%$ too. arrogant

me: have you seen mottola?

person: yeah I saw him this morning at the lobby He looks like he hasn't slept in days..

me: good.. that's what he gets for messing with Mj

person: I wanted MJ to just focus on the music not on racismm.. cuz the media is taking this to another path.

me: I think Mj did good.. he is finally speaking and he knows what he is doing.

person: yeah I guess.. but he had mottola already.

person: the media thinks MJ doesn't k now about what he is talking about... MJ will make a big showw off with numbers..and then the media bashing will stop because they will find out that brother MJ knows his deal.

me: what do you mean?

person: well last monday... July the 8th.. they had a huge meeting with the who is who here in the company... people in the building are saying.. that Mottola is over... HE SHOULDN'T have let MJ get so angry.. they said that the Japanese don't like bad publicity..and that for that and everything that will come out.. they will get rid of him the right way. you know forcing him to resign or something...

me: are you serious?

person: trust me.. people that don;t like MOttola are talking.. about this...

me: damn I feel that MJ has the support of Mariah and others

person: I will thinnk so too.. NAS IS LEAVING.. he is going to MURDA INC.

me: I kind of thought so.. his album wasn't promoted

person: he probablly was the last of few known rappers on the label

me: so proof of Jonnie and MJ will prove lots of things uh.

person: yes.. MOttolas days are over.. and he knows that.. that is why he is feeding the preessss with crap.

me: wow .. I can't wait for this to be over

person: it will.. but this is going to ger uglier.. wait until Michael shows what he gots and the things that he is trying to prove.

me: we the fans want Mottola out..

person: sigh.. it is happening.. the media thinks is not but it is..... I also heard Mottola got pissed cuz Mj went to somebody higher than him.. to complaint about Mottola not doing anything for Invincible and MOttola got pissed..and that what started it all...

me: that and much more..

person: yes

me: if Michael says Motolla is a racist.. he is..

person: Mottola is an @#%$...we all know that he treats people like @#%$... AND he doesn't give a damn about black people... I'm black and I know that... there is so much being said at the building right now.. that I wouldn't finish if I started to tell you..

me: I want this @#%$ to go away.. for Mj to win and Mottola to go to hell..

person: It will happen... but before that things will get interesting.. when Jonnie takes this to court and books get open about the money in the company and then. people and the media will say.. Mj knows what he is talking about.. and he won't be the laughter..that people think he is...

me: I hope so

person: gotta go.. I just came to buy this dvd...

me: you want my discount..

person: sure..

me: see you soon.. and keep me informe

person: sure..don't worry the bottom line is that mottola is over...

me: I sure hope so..