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I heard it in They way you make me feel!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG IT SOO CRAZY!!!!!!!!

ok yall....the next time you are listening to The Way You Make Me Feel on your headphones...press it hard against your ears. Around the begining....you hear a "uuhhh uhh" and then around the part where he says "Im in exctasy!" you hear it again "uhh ohh uhh" (kinda like an orgasim)

ok....its called like a holophonic or something....lol. I heard on the show "whats my 20" that in the background, Michael made it sound like he was in bed with someone. I seriously heard those noises!! I listened to it like 10 times....its not my imagination....

I dont know how to put it....but just listen to it!!!!!


Give me a break....
First of all, I dont think Janet would do something like that. Second of all, Janet is soo much older than Justin, and thats just gross. Third of all, didnt he just break up with Britney???? why would he go with Janet after a "loving" relationship with Britney???
But if they are going out, im sure its none of our business. Janet, if you are going out with Justin, call me and let me knock some sense into you!!!!! (jk nsync fans!)