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....to all of my friends!!!
Jenna: I love you soo much!! you are soo fun to hang out with, and make me laugh!! Our friendship is *PRICELESS*
Khanh: Hey sweetie!!! I love you soo much!!! you bring a smile to face!!! hope to go to mall a lot more often with you!!
Matthew: We have had some rough times, but our friendship is worth a million!! i love you soo much, and that smile you have is one of a kind!!! Dont ever let down your dreams!!
Olivia: You rock my world honey!! Im glad we have classes together...and you make a fall down and laugh!
Margaret: I love falling on the floor and laughing...and i do that because you make me laugh..A LOT!! you have been a great friend to me, and I love you!!! We are going to be the **STARS** of the BasketBall team!!!
Catherine: I know i may not hang out with you, but you are the funniest person to talk with. I would never change anything that we have shared!!! hahah we have had wonderful times...and  i hope we have more!!! No one else understands me the way you do...and I want to thank you for that!!
Marian: you may live in a different country...but you are my big sister!!! you are a lot more nicer, sweeter and prettier then my big sis!! Love ya honey!
Lauren: Those times in 4th and 5th grade were awsome!!! i hope we have more memories in years to come! you have been my friend for a very, very, very long time...and i hope we can have more!
Ashley: i know you are far away..but i still love you!! we have had great times together...and i hope you come and visit us!! Love ya!!
Gabby: We have a lot of fun together!!! Come over to my house more...so we laugh!! Hope to sit with you on the bus this year!!!!!
Morgan: I know we may not talk to each other that much, but you have been a wonderful to me! You have also helped me become a stronger MJ fan!!!! Love ya!
Kim: I had TONS of fun passing notes with you in heath class last year. You are a very cool person...and i hope we have lots more fun this year!!
Caitlin: Math would never be the same if i didnt sit next to you!!! hope we have more classes this year!!!