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Lies ch.1 New Job

Lindsay was the average buisness woman. She had shoulder legnth brown hair, and always wore a suit everyday to work. Of course she was a lawyer, so she had to. But Lindsay wasnt like all lawyers. She was very laid back, funny, outgoing, and down to earth. She was in need of a boyfriend, because she hasnt had one since Highschool.


Lindsay got a case that involved two very famous people. One was Michael Jackson and the other one was Justin Timberlake. She knew this case was going to be easy--and a lot of fun. Lindsay didnt really know about Justin, because she didnt follow up on today's music, but she sure did love Michael's! She was so excited to do this case, she began to get real nervous.

The people who set up the cases told her all about it. Apparently Timberlake took on of Jackson's songs, used it on his solo album, and didnt give him credit. I thought this was a rather boring case, but it involved Michael...so she had to do it.

The court date was set for tomorrow, so Lindsay had time to buy a new outfit just for Michael. Lindsay was Michael's defence attourney, so she had to look her best! She did her hair all fancy that night, and painted her nails a dark red. She couldnt wait to defend Michael...

Lies ch.2 Kiss from an angel

Lindsay woke up very early in the morning and got ready for her next case. She made sure everything was perfect so she wouldnt look like a fool in front of Michael.

As she walked into the court room, she saw Michael sitting there--looking cuter then ever. Justin Tiberlake also caught her eye. She didnt pay attention to him, which made him really mad...

"Hi, Im Lindsay, your attourney!" she said holding her hand out.
"Hello. Im Michael....your client!" he joked. They started off good and got even better. Lindsay did her thing as she defendend Michael. Justin's attourney was not as skilled as Lindsay. Timberlake didnt crack a smile during the whole time they were in there...but Michael couldnt stop smiling.

"....Mr. Jackson has the right to sue Mr. Timberlake for using his material and saying it was his. Does Timberlake think his fans are stupid enough to believe that it was his work? I think not. He was jealous that Jackson actually has good songs. If he said it was by Michael Jackson...then we wouldnt be here...." Lindsay said this as her closing argument. Judge Banks didnt know what to do. He was puzzled by this whole case, even though there was plenty of evidance.

"This court is adjurned and will contine in one month" he said, slamming his hammer thing on the table, "There are muderers and robbers who need to be in court more then this case" he said, leaving the room. All the jurers and people who watched the case, left the room. The only people that were left were Michael and Lindsay.

"so...great statement....I--I think you are a wonderful attourney..." he said, blushing.
Lindsay giggled as she said, "thank you..Ive h-had some practice..."

Lindsay and Michael sat in the courtroom talking the whole night. She was really enjoying Michael's company...and Michael enjoyed hers.

"uhh...listen...wanna...go out sometime...?" Michael said hesitantly.
"anyday!" she said, replying real fast. Lindsay waited so long that night for Michael to finally ask her out on a date. Michael kissed her on the lips, but Lindsay wasnt expecting it, so she didnt open her mouth in time. "uh..sorry...lets try that again" she said, moving her mouth closer to his. Their tounges suddleny touched. This was a dream come true for Lindsay. All she ever wanted was a kiss from Michael Jackson--the angle sent from above....