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Ever wonder what  happend to "Invincible"???

I'm sorry to say this, but SONY record label is going outta hand.
as some of you may know, Michael's Newsest album "Invincible" is not getting anywhere. WHERE ARE THE SHORT FILMS? WHERE'S THE TOUR??? WHERE'S THE PROMOTION???????
 It's all SONY's fault.....we need to do someting about this.
PLEASE...fans....call your local radio stations, begging them to play songs such as "Speechless"  "Unbreakable" or "Heartbreaker" DO ANYTHING YOU CAN TO GET THIS ALBUM SELLING!!!!
we need to show SONY who's better! and thats the fans! I will soon be putting up email addy's that you can write to  to spill out your emotions to SONY workers. TELL 'EM HOW YOU FEEL!


Speechless Hit US Airwaves! Request it now!!! LET PEOPLE HEAR THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SONG!!!

Dont Let Michael Down!!!